Saturday, October 21, 2006

West End Festival

We took part in the West End Festival street parade where we dressed up as giant strawberries and danced our way down Byers Rd. The WestEnd reminds me of a much larger Oxford St in Leederville.

Lottie "Grannie" Sinclair

Nearly 94, Grannie Sinclair is a hoot and I love her dearly. At her 90th birthday party, my mum said she didn't know what Lottie's secret to longevity was, at which point she pipped in with "spite".

A game of scrabble will invaribly include the phrase "but I know puddock is not in the scrabble dictionary, but it's a Scottish word for frog".

Here is Lottie with her great granddaughter and our neice, Hayley Charlotte Thomas.

And here is our family. As you can see, there is no madness that runs on the Sinclair or Bunting sides....

From left to right starting at back:
David, Elly, Jock, ali b, Trevor, Hayley
John, Lottie, Ann, Judith

Oor wee hoosie in Hayburn St, Partick

This is where we live - sunny Glasgow. The Partick Palace Suite at Hotel Hayburn is always available to our visiting friends, so take that long haul flight and spend a mad weekend with us in our hame toon.

To get the real Glasgow experience, we're living in the WestEnd in a tenement flat. It's modern and small and suits us fine for now.

It's an IKEA enthusiasts dream, even down to the cultery....So we live in a flat surrounded by furniture called Gork, Rimlikt and Nóskripp.

If you feel like skiving off work while the boss isn't looking, go to the ikea game website where you match the name with the product.